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Plitvice national park

This park is one of the most visited and most prominent of all eight Croatian national parks. As early as 1979, the Park was among the first in the world to be included in the List of World Heritage (UNESCO). Points of interest are travertine waterfalls, world-famous sixteen cascading lakes, a wealth of geomorphological forms, forests and grassland habitats, flora and fauna, cultural heritage and tourist attractions of the biggest and oldest Croatian national park.

For more information visit the park’s official website:

Krka national park

Krka is a natural karst phenomenon, consisting of seven travertine barriers with a total height of 242m. The most visited parts of the Krka National Park are Roški slap and Skradinski buk. Roški slap is the name of a large 22.5m high waterfall, with many smaller branches, cascades and travertine islands. Skradinski buk is one of the longest and most beautiful waterfalls on the Krka river and is one of the most famous natural beauties of Croatia. The fauna is very rich and diverse with numerous endemic, rare and endangered species, while the flora includes 860 species.

For more information visit the park’s official website:

Zadar – Sea organ and Salutation to the sun

They are an integral part of the quay wall on the part of the waterfront below the, so-called, white house. That part of the waterfront cascades into the sea at a length of 75 m, and at every level of the quay there are pipes of different diameters which under pressure of waves make different sounds. Sound engineer and musician Ivica Stamać has arranged them into seven sound clusters of 2 major chords (G and C6), which take turns, skalinadas. The choice of chords and notes was made on the matrix of an a capella folk song.

Next to the Sea Organ is one more tourist attraction and peculiarity of Zadar which is a must-see, the Salutation to the Sun. It consists of 300 multi-layered glass plates that are mounted in a 22m circle in the same level as the stone-paved promenade. The other planets of the solar system are on the west side, their size and the size of the Sun being proportional. Photovoltaic panels are surrounded by a chromed ring with names of Zadar’s saints.

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